Two people pushing a car through a flooded street. Photo by Saikiran Kesari on Unsplash
How has warming affected the Earth? Even one degree of change can affect the Earth. Explore some of the effects of climate change that we see happening now.
NOAA Satellite image of the 2020 record setting five named storms in the Atlantic
Changes in Earth's climate have different effects in different areas of the world. Some places will warm much more than others, some regions will receive more rainfall, while others are exposed to more frequent droughts.
Warming of the Polar Regions
While global average temperature has risen 1°C (1.8°F) above the 1950-1980 average, our planet's polar regions are experiencing warming at a faster rate than other places.
stethoscope and pen laying on a medical chart
How is climate change impacting human health? Explore how shifts in extreme natural events, vector-borne diseases, and water will affect humane populations.
The Water Cycle and Climate Change
Water moves from place to place through the water cycle, which is changing as climate changes. Learn how the water cycle is changing as global temperatures rise. 
monsoon rains in Mumbai
Monsoons produce the very wet summers and dry winters that occur on nearly all of the tropical continents. A monsoon is not a storm like a hurricane or a summer thunderstorm, but a much larger pattern of winds and rain that spans a large geographic area – a continent or even the entire globe.
Climate models predict that Earth’s global average temperate will rise in the future. For the next two decades warming of about 0.2° Celsius is projected.
Why the Polar Vortex Keeps Breaking out of the Arctic
Why does the Polar Vortex keep breaking out of the Arctic? Surprisingly, warming global temperatures play a role.
Mountain lion
The American Southwest is becoming more prone to drought as Earth warms. How will the drier conditions affect mountain lions, the biggest cats in North America?
Sunny California Hasn't Been Very Sunny, Which Is Good for Stopping Drought
After years of drought, California got so much precipitation in 2017 that about half the state was free from drought. How much precipitation was needed to stop the drought? The amount was different from place to place.
Patches of sea ice in the Arctic
A rise in sea levels is one of the most well-known consequences of global warming. There are two ways that higher temperatures cause higher sea level: (1) melting ice sheets and glaciers and (2) thermal expansion of seawater.
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