Air Quality

Poor air quality in Denver, Colorado
Good air quality is critical for maintaining life on Earth. But what is air quality and why does it change?
Smokestacks add pollutants to the air, seen during sunset.
Air is a mixture of naturally occurring gases and human-made air pollutants. Learn more about these gases and the role they play in our atmosphere.
Vehicle traffic creates air pollution from exhaust. A person holds up a target sign that says "CO2."
Learn about the six main types of human-made air pollutants and their sources.
Three girls riding scooters wear face masks to protect against air pollution
Air pollution affects all things. It is harmful to our health, and it impacts the environment. Greenhouse gas pollution affects the entire planet.
Forest fire over the Rocky Mountains caused by dry, windy weather
How is air pollution affected by weather? Some types of pollution are worse in the summer heat, while others are worse in cold winter weather.
Air quality games
Test your knowledge with one of our games or gain a deeper understanding of air quality through a simulation.
Air Pollution
Explore air pollution with activities aimed at helping students understand how ground-level ozone and other pollutants form and how they impact our health.