Air Quality

Air Quality

Have you ever wondered what is in the air we breathe? Learn about air quality and how it impacts humans and the environment.

What Is Air Quality?

Good air quality is critical for maintaining life on Earth. But what is air quality and why does it change?

What's in the Air?

Air is a mixture of naturally occurring gases and human-made air pollutants. Learn more about these gases and the role they play in our atmosphere.

Air Pollution: How We're Changing the Air

Learn about the six main types of human-made air pollutants and their sources.

Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution affects all things. It is harmful to our health, and it impacts the environment. Greenhouse gas pollution affects the entire planet.

Air Pollution Solutions

While air pollution is a serious problem, it is a problem that we can solve! Lean about actions people can take to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Air Quality and Climate Change

Air pollutants have an impact on our planet's climate. Some pollutants cause the climate to warm, while others cause a temporary cooling effect.

How Weather Affects Air Quality

How is air pollution affected by weather? Some types of pollution are worse in the summer heat, while others are worse in cold winter weather.

The Science of Wildfire Smoke

Learn how a team of researchers explored wildlife smoke including how it interacts with light and clouds and how the chemical components released into the atmosphere change over time.