This is an image of large field solar panels arranged in rows, tilted slightly towards the Sun.

Solving Climate Change

We caused the problem but also have the ability to make the tough but necessary changes. Find out how.

Solving Climate Change

We caused the problem by increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but we have the ability to keep the amount of warming low enough that it is survivable. Communities and nations around the world are taking action to solve climate change.

How Do We Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

There are two main ways to stop the amount of greenhouse gases from increasing: we can stop adding them to the air, and we can increase the Earth’s ability to pull them out of the air. Doing both will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Adapting‌ ‌to‌ ‌Climate‌ ‌Change‌

As climate change and its impacts have increased risks to people and communities, taking steps to adapt have become essential. The ability to adapt can help keep us safe while we also take action to stop climate change.

Can We Limit the Amount of Sunlight to Stop Climate Change?

Blocking some solar radiation from getting to Earth could involve sending gases or particles into the atmosphere. It could also include methods like making clouds or the Earth’s surface brighter so that they reflect sunlight back out to space. Methods like these could help slow climate change, but there could be risks.

Can We Pull Carbon Dioxide Out‌ ‌Of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Atmosphere?‌ ‌

What if we could pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in order to stop climate change? Learn how researchers are developing ways to do this.

Carbon Capture and Storage

How do we catch carbon? The possibility of capturing carbon dioxide greenhouse gas (CO2) has become an increasingly attractive idea, especially as people realize that it is unlikely we will stop using fossil fuels entirely in the next hundred years.

What's Your Carbon Footprint?

How much carbon dioxide do you send into the atmosphere? Anytime you do something that requires fossil fuels - like riding in a car, flying in a plane, buying something, eating something, or even just watching TV - you emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Future Climate: Explore the Possibilities

Use a simple climate model to peek into the future. You suggest the rate that you think humans will release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in the future and the model calculates how that would affect temperature.