Taking Action

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After visiting the Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes exhibit, you may want to learn more about how you can take action to help address climate change.

Taking Action

As we add more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, more heat is trapped, and the climate warms. Warmer temperatures cause additional changes to other aspects of climate. For example, changes in precipitation are causing droughts to become more frequent in some places and more heavy rainfall to be more frequent in other places.

Changes in the climate are causing changes in other aspects of our planet as well. Sea levels are rising as glaciers melt and seawater warms, more plant and animal species are facing extinction, the distribution of many diseases is changing, and sea ice is melting. Scientists, both at NSF NCAR and around the world, are tracking these and other impacts. As people become more informed, interest is growing in taking action to help address climate change. Below are some of the actions that you can take.

Share your climate story.

Earth’s climate is changing and affecting people and places in a variety of ways. When you visit this exhibit you will have the opportunity to share your personal experiences, observations, and perspectives about climate issues as they relate to your community.

Whether or not you are at the exhibit, join the national conversation on social media by reading and sharing stories about how we are all impacted by and responding to climate change. Post your climate story with the hashtags #MyClimateStory and #NCARTravelingClimate.

Help stop climate change.

We can make decisions—as individuals, communities, and societies—that help slow and stop climate change. We can switch to energy sources that don’t emit greenhouse gases and plan communities that are more environmentally friendly. Even smaller changes in our daily lives, like buying fewer household goods or taking public transit, can help. You can also become a citizen scientist and monitor climate change and its impacts in your local area.

Teach others about climate change.

The organizations listed below develop and share educational resources that help students and the public learn about our climate, how it’s changing, and what we can do to help.

Learn more about climate.


National Science Foundation | National Center for Atmospheric Research | University Center for Atmospheric Research