Climate Exhibit

Climate exhibit

What's the difference between climate and weather? How do we know our climate is changing? What steps can we take to address climate change? Check out our second-floor Climate Exhibit to find the answers to these questions and more!

Climate data exhibit

Understand how our climate system works while comparing CO2 data from three research stations, including our very own Mesa Lab roof.

Climate touchscreen

Explore the Earth's climate through interactives and videos. Hear first-person climate stories from people around the world.

Interactive climate futures exhibit

Test out how your daily choices can affect the Earth's climate with the Choose Our Future interactive.

Climate exhibit sliders

How can we adapt to or reduce climate change? Test your knowledge about climate change solutions with our hands-on exhibits.

Share your climate story exhibit

Share your climate story and read how others have experienced climate change in Boulder, Colorado and beyond!

Ice core

Find out how scientists learn about ancient climates using ice extracted from polar ice sheets and glaciers.

Tree rings

Learn the story that tree rings can tell us about climate over time and examine a segment from a 491-year-old tree!

Sounding climate exhibit

Before heading out to the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail, listen to climate data interpreted through musical instruments to hear the sound of climate change. We also have an online interactive version of our Sounding Climate exhibit!

View of the entire climate exhibit

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