Air Quality Exhibit

Air quality

How does the atmosphere affect human health? What can plants tell us about the ozone in the air? And what can we do to improve air quality? In the Air Quality exhibit, you can find the answers to these questions and more!

iPad showing real air quality data

Compare and contrast real ozone, particulate matter, and air quality data from two local sites - the NCAR Mesa Lab and Rocky Flats.

Informational panels about air quality

Learn all about how weather affects air quality, how ozone forms, and how particulates get into the air!

Ozone garden

Discover plants that are sensitive to ground-level ozone and see what they can tell us about daily ozone levels.
Learn about Boulder's ozone gardens, ozone sensitive plants, and what we learned from the 2015 ozone gardens.

Entire air quality exhibit

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NCAR visitor center map showing the location of the Air Quality exhibit