Sun-Earth Connections Exhibit

Sun-Earth Connections

What exactly is space weather? How do coronal mass ejections make the auroras? How do scientists study the Sun when it's millions of miles away? The Sun-Earth Connections exhibit has the answers to these questions and more!

Sun Earth Connections touchscreen

Explore the Sun through images ,and videos, games and interactives on our touchscreen. Then learn more about the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) and how they study the Sun and space weather.

Sun-Earth photo lightboxes

Examine images of five different space weather features, including coronal mass ejections, sun spots, and solar flares!

Sun-Earth connections mural

On our wall mural, see the history of space exploration and HAO research within the context of scientific discoveries from the 1940s onward.

Sun-Earth connections touchscreen

Take a deeper dive into the scientific discoveries on the wall mural using the touchscreen!

Live feed of the sun

Check out real-time images of the Sun from the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory on the island of Hawaii.

Sun-Earth Connections full exhibit

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