Weather Exhibit

A bubbling cloud from our cloud machine.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch a cloud? Or how the wind can change the Earth's landscape? You can find the answers to these questions and more in the Weather Exhibit!

Key Points

  • Scientists gather observations and create sophisticated models to improve forecasts. 
  • Wind and rain can transform our landscape and impact human lives. 
  • NSF NCAR-developed technology and research has contributed to the field of meteorology.


There are several physical interactives throughout this exhibit. Experience the ones listed below for yourself!

  • Find out what a cloud feels like in the Sea of Clouds.
  • Wait, watch, and feel as a tornado forms indoors! 
  • Air in our atmosphere flows like a liquid around the Earth. Give our Turbulent Orb a spin and watch the effect. 


Use the touchscreens found throughout the exhibit to learn more about the weather, explore photos and videos, and play weather-related games and create your own storms with interactive simulations.

The hallway for the Weather Exhibit showing the tornado machine in the middle.