Impacts of Climate Change

Blooming Thermometers

In this lesson, students learn about the Japanese festival celebrating the appearance of cherry blossoms in the spring and analyze average bloom date data from over 1000 years of records to understand how climate has changed.
How Climate WorksImpacts of Climate Change

A Century of Glacier Change

Students compare photographs of glaciers to observe how Alaskan glaciers have changed over the last century.
How Climate WorksImpacts of Climate Change

A Companion Activity to the Drip Drop! Music Video

Drip Drop! is a music video intended to engage young people in a conversation about climate and water.
How Climate WorksImpacts of Climate Change

Climate & Water Teaching Box

Recent climate change is already having impacts - from melting Arctic sea ice and glaciers, to the lack of rainfall in the southwest and central United States, and the impacts of sea level rise on coasts worldwide. This teaching box is filled with explorations and readings that help secondary students learn how climate change is affecting the water cycle.
Impacts of Climate Change

Climate Impacts Graph Matching

Students match graphs showing aspects of observed climate change with statements that describe the observations.
Air QualityImpacts of Climate Change

CO2: How Much Do You Spew?

Students analyze the energy consumption of a hypothetical household to determine the amount of carbon dioxide they are adding to the atmosphere each year.
Impacts of Climate Change

Graphing Sea Ice Extent in the Arctic & Antarctic

Graph the extent of sea ice, over months and years, in the Arctic and Antarctic. Learn about the seasons and long-term trends.
Storms and Other WeatherHow Climate WorksImpacts of Climate Change

Hurricanes and Climate

Students investigate maps and data to learn where and when hurricanes form and how climate change may be affecting them.
Impacts of Climate Change

Shrinking Ice

Students explore glaciers and other parts of the Earth system through photos from Alaska and identify how the environment changed in photos taken over the 20th century as the climate warmed.
How Climate WorksImpacts of Climate Change

Sounding Climate in the Classroom

Students interpret model data through a climate simulation using sounds and visuals to make a forecast of climate change and changes to Arctic sea ice over this century.
Storms and Other WeatherImpacts of Climate Change

Torrents, Droughts, and Twisters Oh My!

Students review what scientists know and what they’re working to understand about the relationship between extreme weather events and climate change.