CloudsStorms and Other Weather

Anatomy of a Storm’s Clouds

Students analyze cloud data from a storm that crossed the United States in late November 2019. They identify cloud types from photos of the sky in various locations to identify the zonation of clouds across a cold and warm front.
Storms and Other Weather

Creating a Twister in a Jar

Students consider weather conditions before, during, and after a tornado and build a model to visualize what is happening when a tornado occurs.
Storms and Other Weather

Explore How Cars Lose Control on Ice, Safely

Ice is slippery, sometimes causing cars and trucks to skid out of control. This activity allows students to safely explore these icy conditions and develop their own hypotheses and experiments.
Storms and Other Weather

Flash Floods Teaching Box

Flash floods happen when quick and heavy rainfall causes placid waterways to turn into raging torrents. This teaching box is filled with explorations and readings that help secondary students learn the science of flash flooding. Students will learn that storms with unusually heavy rainfall can cause a flood, that the shape of the land and the ability of the ground to hold water influences whether a flood is likely, and they will learn how flash flood risk and probability is assessed. Get your feet wet by bringing the science of flash floods.
Storms and Other Weather

Flood Chances

Students test the hypothesis that a 100-year flood happens once every hundred years, learning how the probability of a flood does not mean that floods happen at regular intervals.
Storms and Other Weather

Get the Picture - Severe Weather

Students review graphs and charts of severe weather data then answer "True and False" questions about the content conveyed.
How Weather WorksStorms and Other Weather

GLOBE Weather

GLOBE Weather is a five-week curriculum unit designed to help middle school students understand weather at local, regional, and global scales.
Storms and Other Weather

Hunting for the Pineapple Express

In this activity, students identify the location of an atmospheric river over the Pacific (also called the Pineapple Express) by analyzing water vapor data collected by COSMIC satellites.
Storms and Other Weather

Hurricane Resilience

Hurricane Resilience is a 20-day high school environmental science curriculum for use in coastal locations where hurricanes are common and helps students make connections between the science of hurricanes, how they affect their community and region, and how we can plan for a more resilient future.
Storms and Other WeatherHow Climate WorksImpacts of Climate Change

Hurricanes and Climate

Students investigate maps and data to learn where and when hurricanes form and how climate change may be affecting them.
Storms and Other Weather

Jigsaw group research on the 2013 Colorado Floods

Students research the 2013 Colorado floods, present the information they find, and summarize all information presented.
Storms and Other Weather

Make a Tornado

Students explore factors that influence why certain areas in the United States have more tornadoes than others and observe a model to visualize what is happening during a tornado.
Storms and Other Weather

Modeling Storm Surge

After reading about hurricanes and their impacts on the coast, students model conditions during a hurricane that produce storm surge and witness its impact on model coastlines.
Storms and Other Weather

Project Resilience

Project Resilience is a 20-day high school curriculum that helps students examine the environmental challenges facing communities along the Gulf of Mexico and learn about resilience planning using a resilience planning toolkit.
Storms and Other Weather

Satellite Storm Search

Students investigate a physical model to explore how satellite data impacts weather monitoring and forecasting.
Storms and Other Weather

Tornadoes Teaching Box

Tornadoes, also called twisters, are rare and powerful weather events in which columns of air rotate dangerously fast. In this teaching box are resources to help students learn why and where tornadoes happen and how these weather events impact people’s lives.
Storms and Other WeatherImpacts of Climate Change

Torrents, Droughts, and Twisters Oh My!

Students review what scientists know and what they’re working to understand about the relationship between extreme weather events and climate change.
How Weather WorksStorms and Other Weather

Tracking Hurricane News

Students read news articles about Hurricane Irene, present information with classmates, and construct a timeline to describe the hurricane’s story over time and across geographic area, exploring what happened, how people were affected, and how they reacted.
Storms and Other Weather

Winter Weather Teaching Box

Winter weather may cancel school, but it’s also an opportunity to learn science. This teaching box is filled with hands-on activities that get primary grade students to learn the science of winter weather including concepts of earth science. Explore the educational resources in this teaching box and bring snow and ice into your classroom!