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Explore all of UCAR Center for Science Education's activities here: weather, climate, sun-earth, atmosphere, and more.
Curriculum Units
Peruse multi-week curriculum units aligned with Next Generation Science Standards that allow K-12 students to take a deep dive into learning about weather, climate, and Earth system science.
Teaching Boxes are collections of classroom-ready and standards-aligned activities, content, and multimedia that build student understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math.
Cloud Activities
Discover clouds through scientific investigations of how clouds form and observation and art activities. You can even make your own portable cloud!
weather activities
Experience weather outside or investigate weather through data, graphs and maps. These activities range from simple explorations of snow, to more through analysis of climate change and weather.
Air Pollution
Explore air pollution with activities aimed at helping students understand how ground-level ozone and other pollutants form and how they impact our health.
Climate Activities
From activities about evidence of climate change, to inquiries into current and future impacts, and explorations of the role of energy use in current climate warming.
Layers of the Atmosphere Activities
Revised description: Have students explore how the atmosphere changes with altitude in terms of air temperature, pressure, and atmospheric phenomena and learn the physics of air pressure.
sun earth activities
Solar energy is the reason weather changes and the reason that Earth isn’t frozen. These activities explore energy, albedo, light, and color.
Earth System Activities
Help your students understand how Earth is a system. These diverse activities explore how changes in one aspect of our planet can have wide-ranging effects, particularly because of the cycling of energy, water, nitrogen, carbon.
Engineering Activities
Investigate the ways that engineers help scientists explore and measure the atmosphere, and ways the atmosphere influences engineering designs.