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Students analyze cloud data from a storm that crossed the United States in late November 2019. They identify cloud types from photos of the sky in various locations to identify the zonation of clouds across a cold and warm front.

Download the Cloud Trivia Game for foldable fun! Print copies for yourself or your entire class.

Use the Cloud Viewer to explore the clouds and sky outside. What type of clouds do you see? What color is the sky?

An experiment that demonstrates why there are clouds in the sky. Start with air, invisible water vapor, particles we call condensation nuclei, and air pressure...the cloud comes later!

A collection of educational resources to bring cloud science to elementary students.

This Teaching Box combines hands-on activities, data analysis, and discussion that help high school students consider how weather can affect cloud types and how cloud types can affect climate.

In this hands-on activity, students experiment to discover how moisture, pressure, temperature, and condensation nuclei play a role in cloud formation.

In this classroom activity, students investigate how clouds change over time by making repeat observations of a section of sky and then representing their data graphically.

Students review illustrations, maps, cross sections, and graphs that tell a piece of the story about the effects of clouds on climate. They answer "True and False" questions about each visual and discuss what they take away from the information.

Students use a cloud identification guide to identify clouds in landscape paintings, then make their own art to identify cloud types.